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LAST UPDATE - July 30th, 2011

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If you are fresh meat and have not been receiving emails from me, please email me to get on our mailing list.

If you would like to suggest something for this page or want to advertize selling gear, services etc to our skaters please email Me - Pamtera

Body By Vi !!!!!

For All Derby Ladies that have seen the information I have attached order forms  please bring your order form to our tournament this weekend or submit it as soon as possible - Having the teams orders  in on or before Sunday we help the team earn a cheque on the 15th of the month as well as a cheque Next Monday! When the team sells over $2700+ in sales we will earn 25% of the profits!!

If you need a refresh of the Challenge Kits please visit
(my favorite is the Core Kit - its the complete nutritional system)
90 Day Challenge Kits

Our team Website is

Oil City Derby Girls

For addition information or help choosing the right Kit or product for you - please do not hesitate to contact myself or Kerry Sparrowe at
780-232-9078 or  - Kristen Pawlowich 780-340-8509 -

Thank you for joining the Challenge and getting your orders in quickly so we can start earning some extra income for the team!

Thank you for your time, see you on the track!

Foxy Fireball

Head Trainer/Director


What to do as an Oil City Derby Girl before a game

1. Get Tickets, usually Bratty Girl is the ticket person and there is usually an alternate, read emails to find out who has them or ask around.
2. Get Posters and flyers - Usually these are at practice, go out and put some up, Tell the Nean of Mean where you live and where you can hang posters, go into liquor stores, your favorite store and ask if you can leave some flyers.
3. Go to facebook and invite all your friends to the Facebook event.
5. Sign up as a volunteer or Non-Skating Official
6. Come to bout and have fun helping out and watching our team!
7. Go to afterparty and get loaded, or not, and have fun!

Here are the procedures if you need to get a ticket at the door for a friend....

Sell the advance tickets if you want people to come in for the advance price. If you are UNABLE to get people the tickets before the bout, you have two options:
1.  Email / FB message to Bamm BEFORE noon on the day of the bout and give her the person's name that you would like on the list. If she messages people back saying that their names will be under "Skatez SoFrantic" (for example) then you need to communicate that to your guests.
2.  You can meet them outside, give them the tickets and collect the money to be turned in with the rest of your advance ticket money.
We will not be keeping pre-paid tickets at the door for skaters.
Any Roller Derby girls that show up with some sort of team identification (ie. Insurance Card, team jersey, etc.) will be given the advance price.
** Reminder: The reason we sell tickets at advanced prices is so that people will COMMIT to coming. We are going to start keeping track of how many people on the advance list show up. If we suspect that a member is putting 'maybes' on the list, she/he may lose the priviledge of being able to add to the list. **

Thanks !

Red Deer May 14th Game - Get your tickets from Bratty Girl or Pamtera, Posters and flyers from The Nean of Mean, will be at Tuesday's practice!



AWAY June 17/18th - All Stars at the CWRDA Westerns in BC

AWAY August 27th - Double Header in Red Deer, All-Stars Vs Belladonnas and
Tank'er Girls vs Red Deer' B Team

HOME - Sept 17th - Wild Rose Cup vs E-Ville Roller Derby - Northlands Hall D

HOME - Double Header- October 1 -Tanker Girls VS Reign Vally Vixens
All-Stars VS Treasure Valley Rollergirls from Boise, Idaho

AWAY - October 15 - Tanker Girls away game at OSRDA - BC

HOME - November 26- Skatemare before Christmas #5 - Invitational

Click here to find out if you can use that new derby name of yours !

Yep sometimes Muffin Monster is just taken!

Can't tell you how important it is to LEARN THE RULES!! CLICK HERE


OCDG ROSTER & Committees

Here is our current skater list, PLEASE PLEASE if you are NOT on here, email me and let me know, even let me know when you have chosen a derby name !

Please email me if you pick a derby name and number, and also a great resource to check derby numbers!

Please let me know what committee you would like to be on

OCDG Membership List 2011
Skate Name
Anita Alibi Sam L 25+ 2nd VP
Bamm Bamm BJ Bonnie B 88 Bout Production
Banshee Bar Brawler Barb L C8 CWRDA - Insurance
Betty B. Brutal Jenny G 27 Co-Chair - Welcoming Committee
Blondie Ama Zombie  Tanya B 66 Training
Blood Gin Tenyson M   Merchandise
Bratty Girl Toni L 90 Tickets
Cherry Hatchett Elyse D 917 Bout Production
Clumzy Luver Danielle F 69.5 Treasurer
Dollie D'Eville Ashley D 888 Merchandise
Foxy Fireball Amber H 113 Training Head
Fyr' S. Natch Bethany J 42 Training - Dryland
Ginger Rage Megan M 83 President
Honey Crueler Kristie E 00 Training
Itzy Blitzy Jennifer S   Bout Production
Izzy Board'EM Barb H 179 Fundraising
Jazz Elena C 777 Recruiting Head
J-Mean Jeanine L 34 Recruiting/Skater Relations
Kill 'er Bunny Sheralee T 22 Fund & Sponsorship
Knox YaBlockov Robyn D 75 Vice President
Lowkey Keely L 3.14 Bout Production
Mace of Hearts Pepper W 86 Street Team
Moxy Rolla Carly P 12 Creative Committee
Pyr-Ophelia Allison J 3 Fund-raising
Reign Disday Rulanne P 4 Merchandise - HEAD
Ruby Doom Colleen M L0L Fundraising - HEAD
Sour Cherry Sherry B 109 Training
Tee Knee Faith P 50 Training Co- Chair
The Nean of Mean Janine R 12h8 Volunteer  CO - Street Team
Topp Gunns Pam R F-14 Volunteers 
Towanda Christine L 23 Reffing Crew
Trauminatrix Tracy C 911 Media Head
Trucker Jeannine P J9 Sponsorship-Co-Chair
Vixen Von Bruzen Crystal B 7 Recruitement
Wrecker-ya Lindsey D 4X4 Merchandise - Co Chair
Wytchy Corrine T 13 Creative - Co-Chair
Zoom Byah Marilyn B 68 Bout Production 
Scream Soda Niki S 13  
Jaws Jessica W    
Jane Awesome Kailee T    
Miss Chief Kristan P    
Jax Splat Jackie K    
Wicked Wolf Elona V 357  
Ellie Vader Josephine C    
Scream Stress Nicole E 222  
Kombat Kitty Meagan B    
Miss Elle Crysis Elle M    
Easy Break Oven Angela R. 302.85  






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