About the Oil City Derby Girls

Founded in 2005, The Oil City Derby Girls were the first Flat Track Roller Derby League in Canada.  We are a not for profit skater owned and operated league that includes our B team The Tanker Girls, and our veterans The Oil City All-Stars.

Now in 2011 we maintain our momentum training Fresh Meat (New Skaters), and helping new leagues start off on the right foot… or rather, the right skate. Our practices cater to all skill levels. We train at the Metro Sportsplex on the north side of Edmonton, and are always welcoming new members. We keep our skaters strong and our strategies stronger so that our league can be the strongest.

We keep busy running and participating in bouts, bootcamps, tournaments, and conferences - locally, nationally, and internationally. Still we find time to give, volunteering with many charities and organizations in our beloved Oil City, such as Lurana Shelter, Crystal Kids, the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters and the Cancer Society.

We are a mean mosaic of Women, who shift into alluring alter-egos, slip into wild wardrobes, and slam into hard-hitting roller derby action... are you riding derby?

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Our 2011 Executive Board and Co-Chair members are as follows:

President -Ginger Rage
Vice President- Knox Yablockov
2nd Vice President/Finance -Anita Alibi
Treasurer - Clumzy Luver
Secretary - Moxy Rolla
Sponsorship Head - Viv the Shiv
Sponsorship Co-Chair -Trucker
Media Head - Pamtera
Events - Anita Alibi
Training/ Skills/Rules & Regulations Head- Foxy Fireball
Training/ Skills/Rules & Regulations Co-Chair - Vixen Von Bruzen
Bout Production Head - Skatez So Frantic
Bout Production Co-Chair - Ticketing -Bratty
Merchandise Head - Reign DisDay
Merchandise Co-Chair -Wrecker Ya
Skater Relations/Recruitment & Membership Head - Knox Yablockov/Jazze
Skater Relations Co-Chair - Insurance -Banshee Barbrawler
Volunteer Relations Head - Skatez so Frantic
Volunteer Relations -Co-Chair - Street Team - The Nean of Mean
Fundraising Head -Ruby Doom
Website/Creative Head -Pamtera
Website/Creative Co-Ch air - Promotions -Wytchy
Interleague Relations/WFTDA Head - Pamtera
Interleague Relations Co-Chair Welcoming Commitee Betty B Brutal
Officiating Head- Jefftimus
Head Non-Skating Official - Flirty McGerty


Roller Derby, Defined

In 1935, at the height of the Great Depression, America’s first “spectacle sport” was born. Invented by Leo Seltzer, roller derby originally simulated cross-country skating, with participants furiously circling a track approximating the distance between New York and LA.

As skaters became faster and more adept at lapping the track, occasional crashes would occur as they tried to pass those ahead of them. Like any great promoter, Seltzer soon realized these collisions were the most thrilling part of the game, which he tweaked to maximize the carnage. Two teams of five skaters now circled the pack, with each team sending out a “jammer” to skate around and lap members of the opposing team. Derby became a full-contact physical sport, with elbows, body-checks and fights galore. And the fans loved it.

By the early ‘50s, roller derby reached its peak, with games regularly drawing 30-40,000 fans and skaters gracing the covers of national magazines. The sport sustained its popularity through the ‘70s, but then slipped into pop culture oblivion - until now.

Today, in post-millennium North America, “everything old is new again” –including the roller derby. A neo-derby renaissance is fully at hand, with aggressive all-girl skaters jamming the pack to restore the sport to its hard-hitting former glory.

In locations as diverse as New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Raleigh, Austin, Las Vegas and the Cayman Islands, a new generation of fierce female athletes is paying homage to the energetic, explosive traditions of derby past, while updating them slightly for a more sophisticated, modern audience.

With a post-feminist, punk-inspired DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos and a hearty helping of raunchy rock’n’roll, this ain’t your grandma’s roller derby. Gone are the co-ed teams (in favor of “red hot, girl-on-girl action”). Traditional “time-out” penalties have been replaced with a spin of the much-dreaded “Penalty Wheel,” which dispenses wild consequences, from spankings to “the rat race”, for fouls committed during play.


Watch this Awesome video on how roller derby is played



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